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At Mobiltex, technology is just the beginning.

Mobiltex provides technologies and on-line monitoring of mission critical energy and water delivery assets to enable our customers to preserve public safety, ensure uptime of essential infrastructure, and protect the environment.

Corrosion specialists everywhere rely on us for our innovative solutions and superior customer support to maintain asset integrity. We’ve been leading the way in cathodic monitoring and data analysis through thousands of miles of pipelines in North America.

At its core, Mobiltex is an IoT company that enables our clients to remotely monitor critical assets using our industry leading data collection, transmission and analysis platforms. This results in higher operational efficiencies, greater data reliability and infrastructure integrity.

This is Mobiltex. We’re there.

  • Remote Monitoring of Cathodic Protection Systems
  • GPS Interruption for Close Interval Surveys
  • Highly Accurate Data Loggers
  • Servicing Oil & Gas, Municipal and More

New – CorTalk RMU1 for test stations, coupons and bonds.

Designed to fit entirely into a standard CP test station, the RMU1 is a small powerful tool for remote monitoring for test stations, coupons and bonds. The new RMU1 Generation 4 device adds two-way communication enabling it to receive commands and to control the new INT1 accessory for GPS-synchronized interruption. Together these devices eliminate the need for technicians to install portable interrupters or to physically break bonds between pipelines and structures to take off-potential readings.

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Sunset News For Cellular and ISAT M2M

For decades, remote monitoring technology has made it easier for pipeline operators to monitor cathodic protection systems in pipelines that service remote or difficult-to-access locations.

Over the next few years cellular carriers and ISAT M2M will retire (or “sunset”) their networks to make way for more efficient technologies, such as LTE and Iridium.

Reliability through and through.

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