Cathodic protection remote monitoring

Tough remote monitoring and control you can depend on for your entire corrosion prevention system.

Cathodic protection portable instruments

Powerful tools for short-term monitoring and in-field survey activities.

Pipeline Integrity Monitoring

Easily and cost effectively monitor for condition fluctuations to identify risks of accelerated pipe coating deterioration, recognize potential geohazard events, and know when soil and moisture conditions shifts have occurred.

Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view
Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view

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Our breadth and depth of expertise in remote monitoring of cathodic protection and pipeline integrity systems has made us globally recognized leaders and trusted advisors to the world’s largest critical infrastructure organizations. Everyday our solutions are trusted to monitor mission-critical assets for hundreds of customers spanning almost every industry – effectively safeguarding their operations, their personnel, and the environment.


Exploration, gathering, storage, refining, transmission, distribution, and transportation all have significant challenges with corrosion and integrity monitoring of assets – and huge opportunities for effective remote monitoring solutions.

Municipal Water & Utilities

The supply and distribution of precious water resources is rapidly becoming among the world’s most high-value — and high-risk — products and services.

Power Generation

Facility and infrastructure footprints can be massive with plants expanding into complex and intertwined networks that are a significant challenge to access, manage and maintain.

Wind Turbines

Offshore wind farms are remote, expansive and in highly corrosive environments –  remote monitoring of cathodic protection and asset integrity is essential.

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Changes to Pipeline Integrity Management Under the ‘Mega Rule’

Changes brought about by the ‘Mega Rule’ - focus on corrosion management with guidance on how to stay ahead of the current and anticipated regulatory requirements.

Optimizing Cathodic Protection in Urban Utility Environments

Overview of unique pain points that distribution utilities must navigate with cathodic protection (CP) assets in High Consequence Areas (HCAs) due to proximity to residential areas such as the changing regulatory landscape, safety issues for the public and for technicians, in-road operations and traffic permitting, and escalating operating costs.
Punp Station with CP System

Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring On Water Utility Buried Steel Pump Stations

White Papers
Forward-thinking municipal water and sewer utilities are adopting advanced monitoring technologies to extend asset operational life, improve safety, and lower costs.

Safety in MANY Numbers: CP Remote Monitors = Worker Safety + Operational Efficiency

Big data from CP remote monitoring protects pipeline engineers and enhances system performance.


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Defending Against the Destructive Potential of Lightning Strikes on Pipelines

Can lightning strikes cause corrosion in underground oil and gas pipelines? Yes and no! Learn more about the many powerful impacts to your pipeline assets including the monitoring of your corrosion and integrity protection systems and how to effectively and proactively protect your operations.