The power industry is unique in its need for corrosion control methods.  Having a blend of above and below grade infrastructure components, the power industry must contend with both atmospheric corrosion for above ground structures and electrolysis on buried or submerged metallic structures within facilities.  

In power plants there are several underground piping systems, including fuel oil, natural gas, fire water, cooling water, condensate and drains that need to be protected with impressed current cathodic protection systems. Although underground steel piping systems typically are coated, any damage to the coating can result in highly concentrated corrosion and the threat of AC mitigation in these complex environments can often be amplified.


Facility and infrastructure footprints can be massive with power plants, solar fields, “inside the fence” pipelines, coastal facilities, cooling systems and other critical components of the plant expanding into expansive networks that are a significant challenge to access, manage and maintain. Implementing near real-time remote monitoring of corrosion control systems in power stations, whether gas, coal, oil fired, solar or nuclear, is an effective strategy towards the safe continued operation of the facility.

The Solution: Effective Cathodic Protection
and Pipeline Integrity Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of corrosion and pipeline sensors leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in any location to deliver a platform with near real-time collection, analysis, and collaboration tools. MOBILTEX remote monitoring platform solutions enable our clients to easily and effectively realize higher safety and operational efficiencies, transformational digital capabilities, and increased infrastructure integrity.

This is effectively achieved through:

  • Being able to quickly identify and assess aversive operational conditions and/or corrosion damage occurring – before it becomes widespread and disruptive.
  • Ensuring remote cathodic protection systems are always operating in the optimal range for asset protection, and pipeline integrity sensors are accurately capturing valuable data, in even the most challenging locations or environments
  • Streamlining data gathering, inspection and reporting for regulatory compliance – and delivering advanced analysis for trending and identifying issues before they occur
  • Eliminating the extremely high-cost and safety risks associated with in-field inspection, particularly in remote or difficult to access locations

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Photo of devices RMU1 and INT1 used in a Test Station

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Photo of Mobiltex RMU3 device used in a rectifier for Cathodic Protection - Remote Monitoring

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