A compact and powerful tool for remote monitoring of CP single or double coupons and structure bond applications

The CorTalk RMU1 collects and transmits CP performance data and GPS location as frequently as every few hours via satellite or cellular network. This provides technicians with a highly detailed, near-real-time view of the CP system and helps identify short-lived events that may impact CP performance.

Combined with the CorView Cloud Platform, pipeline operators can implement and control a network of RMU1 devices to gain deep insight into the performance of the CP system, generate reports and instantly identify areas of concern.

RMU1 Generation 4 is also capable of two-way communication and can provide remote, GPS-synchronized interruption with the addition of CorTalk INT1, a compact accessory module.

Fast, simple installationThe compact, weather-proof RMU1 is designed to fit entirely inside a standard CP test station and can be installed in about 20 minutes
Engineered for expandable functionalityRMU1 Generation 4 hardware platform allows connection of additional external accessory modules like the INT1 for GPS synchronized interruption [United States Patent US-11753729-B2], the TS1 temperature sensor, and a 4-20mA Mode
Multiple pre-defined configurationsThe RMU1 can be wired for single coupon, dual coupon, separate AC and DC coupons, and bond monitoring applications
Intuitive controls and configurationsThe RMU1 can be easily programmed with our standard Programming Interface and a PC and can also be completed with a compatible iOS or Android-based mobile device and our available Bluetooth Interface

Unique AC Peak Detector and Measurement Recorder Options Available

AC Peak Detector samples for high current density every 20 seconds and alarms on exception. (Not available for RMU1S), the Measurement Recorder captures 10+ years of reading when set to capture every 6 hours (every hour is available)
Global communication capabilitiesAvailable with cellular or satellite communication capability, the RMU1 can transmit data from virtually any location. This helps improve the quality and frequency of data collection, while reducing the need for workers to undertake long, potentially dangerous trips, to remote sites
Built to withstand the toughest conditionsLightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-40° to +60°C [-40° to +140°F])
Long-life batteryUser-replaceable standard AA battery provides up to 10 years of monitoring and data transmission and maximizes lightning isolation


Operating Temperature-40° to +60° C (-40° to +140° F)
Storage Temperature-45° to +80° C (-49° to +176° F)
Maximum Altitude5000 meters above sea level
Humidity0 to 100% RH non-condensing
Physical + Power
Weight225 grams (0.5 lbs)
Size80mm x 80mm x 110mm (3.15”x3.15”x4.33”)
Battery LifeL91 Lithium AA batteries — Typically 10 years based on readings every 7 days. Typically 5 years based on readings every 12 hours and 2 weeks of interruption per year

Documents & software

MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1Product BrochurePDF
MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1 ManualRMU1 Manual v2.02PDF
CorTalk RMU1 Install Pack v1.0.0.26RMU1 Configuration Application, Firmware and Driver v1.20.0.0AZIP
RMU1 Config Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
RMU1 Config Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink
CorTalk Full Install Pack v1.0.0.27Download ZIP fileZIP
LTE Swap Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
LTE Swap Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink
CorView Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
CorView Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an RMU1-I, RMU1-S and RMU1-G antenna?

The RMU1-I uses Iridium satellite for connectivity. The RMU1-S is the Globalstar satellite communications variant of the RMU1. The RMU1-G is the cellular version.

Which cellular network does the RMU1-G antenna utilize?

AT&T in the USA, Rogers in Canada. Cellular provider coverage maps can be used to ascertain if your sites have cellular coverage.

The RSSI (Receive Signal Strength Indicator) is different each time my RMU1-I reports in. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. The Iridium satellites the RMU1-I utilizes are in-motion orbiting around the earth. When the satellite is directly above the antenna, it will report a strong RSSI. If the satellite is low on the horizon when the RMU1 transmits, a lower RSSI is possible. The RSSI will change throughout the day as the satellite constellation moves through its orbit.

How can I tell if my RMU1 is transmitting a message to CorView?

Look for “Tx” and an antenna icon near the bottom left corner of the RMU1’s display. This indicates that the communications antenna is transmitting a message to CorView. There could be minor delays depending on network traffic and site coverage.



TitleImageDescriptionSKU (s)
RMU1 wiring kit24 cm (10 in.) wiring harness with factory installed ¼” ring terminals, assorted extra crimp terminals, cable ties. The components of this kit are typically used to interconnect the measurement signals from the coupon or bond test station to the RMU1.Mobiltex P/N A20103RMU10
RMU1/INT1 Down Tube Test Station KitAdd one of A20A03RMU1X test stations and one (RMU1G) or two (RMU1I) spacer rings H235X0RMU01.Mobiltex P/N A20A04RMU12 (RMU1G/INT1 pre-installed)

Mobiltex P/N A20A04RMU13 (RMU1G/INT1 not pre-installed)

Mobiltex P/N A20A04RMU12 (RMU1I/INT1 pre-installed)

Mobiltex P/N A20A04RMU12 (RMU1I/INT1 not pre-installed)

RMU1/INT1 Large Cap Test Station kit with 5 plated screws and top cover (Pro-Mark), fits a 3” pipeN/AMobiltex P/N A20A03RMU19 (Orange)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU20 (Blue)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU21 (White)

Test station with banana jack test points and shieldKit consists of an orange test station (A20A03RMU10), 5 installed banana jack test point screws (A20100RMU10), and a drilled test station shield (A20100RMU11). The components are factory installed in the configuration shown. Alternative custom configurations are available for purchases of 100+ units.Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU14
Test station with RMU1to-test-station flex PCB

Connects the RMU1 6-pin connector directly to the test station bolts.Mobiltex P/N A03A00RMU01 (Orange with 8 bolts)

Mobiltex P/N A03A00RMU02 (Orange with 5 banana jack bolts)

TitleImageDescriptionSKU (s)
RMU1PGM Programming InterfaceFor use with a PC only.  White USB cable.

***No longer available.  Replaced by A20A0332701***

Mobiltex P/N A15000RMU1P
RMU1PGM-BT Programming Interface KitCapable of Bluetooth communications with a phone/tablet. Can also be used with a PC through the USB connection.  Black USB cable.

Kit includes a carrying case and portable USB battery pack.

Mobiltex P/N A20A0332701
RMU1ADP RMU2/3 Programmer AdapterAllows an existing RMU2/3 Programming Interface to be used with RMU1 devices.Mobiltex P/N A1506033001
RMU1/2/3-BT Programmer KitUniversal programming kit for RMU1, RMU2, and RMU3 devices.  Includes RMU1/2/3 base programmer (A1506033101), RMU1ADP (A1506033001), LiIon battery pack, soft case and USB stick with programming software.  Capable of Bluetooth communications with a phone/tablet. Can also be used with a PC through the USB connection.Mobiltex P/N A20A0333101
1 pc – INT1 to RMU1 cableA cable for connecting the INT1 to the RMU1.Mobiltex P/N W1640034801
TitleImageDescriptionSKU (s)
Replacement Battery PackN/AKit of 4 AA batteries for maintenance purposesMobiltex P/N B02221RMU10
Test magnetN/AMobiltex P/N H00000MAG04
Modified RMU1 Replacement Lid for Direct Installation in 3” pipe.Only for RMU1S or RMU1G.Mobiltex P/N H23390RMU02
Spacer Ring for 3” Test StationsN/AMobiltex P/N H23510RMU01 (Black)

Mobiltex P/N H23530RMU01 (Orange)

Mobiltex P/N H23540RMU01 (Yellow)

Mobiltex P/N H23550RMU01 (Green)

Mobiltex P/N H23590RMU01 (White)

Mobiltex P/N H23560RMU01 (Blue)

Mobiltex P/N H235A0RMU01 (Red)

Test Station with 5 plated screws and top cover (Pro-Mark)N/AMobiltex P/N A20A03RMU10 (Orange)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU11 (Yellow)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU12 (Green)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU13 (White)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU17 (Blue)

Mobiltex P/N A20A03RMU16 (Red)

Lockable bracket for Pro-Mark test station. (Padlock & test station not included)N/AMobiltex P/N A20B03RMU10
Lockable NEMA4X Enclosure6.75”W x 7.5”H x 5.5”D (171mm x 190mm x 140mm)

Comes with RMU1 bracket.

Mobiltex P/N A03700RMU10
Adapter assembly for use with separate DC and AC coupon modeIntegral 10 ohm shunt resistor.Mobiltex P/N A04060296A1
Large opening (36mm/1.42”) AC mitigation measurement transformer.  126A AC full scale.1.57” x 1.63” x 2.64”(40mm x 41.4mm x 67mm)

Includes 3.3’(1m) leads.

Mobiltex P/N T01252RMU04
Medium opening (24mm/0.94”) AC mitigation measurement transformer. 42A AC full scale.1.34” x 2” x 2.64”(34mm x 51mm x 67mm)

Includes 3.3’(1m) leads.

Mobiltex P/N T01252RMU02
Small opening (15.2mm/0.60”) AC mitigation measurement transformer. 31A AC full scale.1.22” x 1.26” x 1.81”(31mm x 32mm x 46mm)

Includes 3.3’(1m) leads

Mobiltex P/N T01252RMU03
Electrical isolation shieldPrevents accidental user contact with exposed test station termination screws.Mobiltex P/N A20100RMU11
Banana jack test point kitReplaces standard test point termination screws to provide banana jack functionality.  Kit contains 5 replacement screws, washers and nuts.Mobiltex P/N A20100RMU10
Separate AC/DC Coupon Board for Test Station With Flex PCB10 Ohm shunt and link PCB allowing use of separate AC/DC coupons with test station flex PCB.Mobiltex P/N A20A0333401
4-20mA Adapter BoardSupports two 4-20mA transmitters and a connection point for an external power pack. Maximum loop drop through the RMU1 is 200mV.Mobiltex P/N A04060354A1
Battery HolderWaterproof battery holders for the 4-20mA Adapter Board. Installs down a 3” pipe that install to any test station. Will not provide extra battery power to the RMU1.Mobiltex P/N A1506035701
RMU1PGM G4 Retrofit KitThe RMU1 G4 no longer works with our previous programmers as the new communications port blocks the attachment of the programmer. The new programmer plate does a much better job of holding on to the RMU1, is compatible with previous generations of the RMU1 and is easy to retrofit to a RMU1PGM or a RMU3PGM with the RMU1 adaptors.

T10 Screwdriver required to retrofit not included, retrofit instructions provided with the retrofit kit.

Mobiltex P/N A20A03PGM01.
Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view


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Managing Seasonal Effects on Cathodic Protection Operation

RMU measurement data, soil classifiers and data analytics deliver a powerful tool for optimizing alarm thresholds to account for seasonal soil variations.

Solution: CorTalk RMU1
Plan Frequency + Tiers + Options
Iridium Satellite
Globalstar Satellite
Readings every 7 days — Transmitted every 7 days
Readings every 7 days — Transmitted every 28 days
Readings every 2 days — Transmitted every 2 days
Readings every 2 days — Transmitted every 8 days
Readings every 1 day — Transmitted every 1 day
Readings every 1 day — Transmitted every 4 days
Readings every 6 hours — Transmitted every 6 hours
Readings every 6 hours — Transmitted every 1 day
Readings every 1 hour — Transmitted every 1 hour
Readings every 1 hour — Transmitted every 12 hours
Readings every 30 days — Transmitted every 30 days
Readings every 14 days — Transmitted every 14 days
Cover Removal / Door Switch Exception Reporting
Remote Limits
External Contact Alarm Exception Reporting
AC Peak Detection
TS1 Temperature Sensor
Fast Sampling - every 10 sec, 1 sec, or 0.1 sec