YOUR TOUGHEST TRANSIENT CURRENT DIAGNOSIS CHALLENGES ARE SOLVED with full RMU1 capabilities and enhanced fast sample datalogging

Introducing the CorTalk RDL1

The CorTalk RDL1 represents a convergence of two classes of technology that have long been cornerstones of the Cathodic Protection industry – stationary dataloggers and remote monitoring units. In a significant evolutionary step, the RDL1 is the industry’s most powerful and versatile battery powered remote monitoring device with enhanced fast sample datalogging capabilities.

Combining the best elements of both technology classes, the RDL1 allows operators to gain visibility into the performance and state of their protection systems while capturing high volumes of data directly to the CorView Cloud Platform via CAT-M1 [LTE-M 4G/5G] cellular connections that are granular enough for forensic and diagnostic analysis. A versatile tool, the RDL1 can be used in a wide range of applications; from identifying dynamic AC and DC interference from a light rail transit system, to being used for datalogging Telluric impacts during a survey, to monitoring a Constant Potential Rectifier.

In addition, the RDL1 pairs with the CorTalk INT1 to provide GPS synchronized interruption for critical bonds and sacrificial anodes, eliminating the need for technicians to install portable interrupters. Simply put, the CorTalk RDL1 represents a new generation of remote monitoring capabilities that will dramatically improve how CP systems are operated.

Dual Data File StructureIndividual RMU Readings + Fast Sample Recording – promotes efficiency for battery life and data plan structure
Fast Sample FunctionalityScheduled or Event-based, from 10S sampling to 0.1S sampling (limited to 3hr max per day)
Smart, simple installationThe compact, weather-proof RDL1 is designed to fit entirely inside a standard CP test station [external antennas optional] and can be installed in about 20 minutes
Engineered for expandable functionalityRDL1 platform allows connection of additional external accessory modules like the INT1 for GPS synchronized interruption and a 4-20mA Mode [United States Patent US-11753729-B2]
Multiple pre-defined configurationsThe RDL1 can be wired for single coupon, dual coupon, separate AC and DC coupons, and bond monitoring applications including reverse current switches
Intuitive controls and configurationsThe RDL1 can be easily programmed with our standard Programming Interface and a PC and can also be completed with a compatible iOS or Android-based mobile device and our available Bluetooth Interface
Future-proof communication capabilitiesAvailable with CAT-M1 cellular [LTE-M – 4G/5G compatible] communication technology – improving the quality and frequency of data collection while reducing the need for workers to visit remote or hazardous site locations. **Iridium Satellite is under development
Built to withstand the toughest conditionsLightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-40° to +60°C [-40° to +140°F])
Long-life battery and device autonomyDelivers up to 10 years of monitoring and data transmission and maximizes lightning isolation


Operating Temperature-40° to +60° C (-40° to +140° F)
Storage Temperature-45° to +80° C (-49° to +176° F)
Maximum Altitude5000 meters above sea level
Humidity0 to 100% RH non-condensing
Physical + Power
Weight300 grams (0.7 lbs)
Size80mm x 28mm x 172mm (3.15”x1.10”x6.80”)
Battery LifeTypically 10 years+ based on readings every 7 days. Typically 5 years+ based on readings every 12 hours and 2 weeks of fast sampling and interruption per year

Documents & software

MOBILTEX CorTalk RDL1Product BrochurePDF
MOBILTEX CorTalk RDL1 ManualRDL1 Manual v1.04PDF
CorTalk RDL1 Install Pack v1.0.0.26RDL1 Configuration Application, Firmware and DriverZIP
RDL1 Config Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
RDL1 Config Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink
CorTalk Full Install Pack v1.0.0.27Download ZIP fileZIP
CorView Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
CorView Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink


Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view


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Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring On Water Utility Buried Steel Pump Stations

Forward-thinking municipal water and sewer utilities are adopting advanced monitoring technologies to extend asset operational life, improve safety, and lower costs.

Solution: CorTalk RDL1
Plan Frequency + Tiers + Options
Iridium Satellite
Globalstar Satellite
Readings every 7 days — Transmitted every 7 days
Readings every 7 days — Transmitted every 28 days
Readings every 2 days — Transmitted every 2 days
Readings every 2 days — Transmitted every 8 days
Readings every 1 day — Transmitted every 1 day
Readings every 1 day — Transmitted every 4 days
Readings every 6 hours — Transmitted every 6 hours
Readings every 6 hours — Transmitted every 1 day
Readings every 1 hour — Transmitted every 1 hour
Readings every 1 hour — Transmitted every 12 hours
Readings every 30 days — Transmitted every 30 days
Readings every 14 days — Transmitted every 14 days
Cover Removal / Door Switch Exception Reporting
Remote Limits
External Contact Alarm Exception Reporting
AC Peak Detection
TS1 Temperature Sensor
Fast Sampling - every 10 sec, 1 sec, or 0.1 sec