Test Station Remote Monitoring of Electrical Resistance (ER) Corrosion Probes

The CorTalk RMU1-ER collects and transmits a measurement of the corrosion rate near the pipe surface through the use of sacrificial electrical resistance (ER) probes as frequently as every few hours via satellite or cellular network. This provides technicians with highly detailed, near real-time measurement data that is useful in determining the underlying cause of corrosion and the ability to measure changes in corrosion conditions including the effectiveness of repairs, temperature cycles or sudden environmental changes.

The RMU1-ER is designed to be compatible with a wide range of ER probes. The RMU1-ER has the capability to measure ER probes constructed with tubular, wire, cylindrical, flush, spiral and strip geometries.

In addition to metal loss, the RMU1-ER can also measure the ER probe potential when a reference cell is connected. As the ER probe is typically electrically connected to the protected structure, the structure potential can be measured.

Combined with the CorView Cloud Platform, pipeline operators can implement and control a network of RMU1-ER devices to gain deep insight into the performance of the CP system, generate reports and instantly identify areas of concern.

Fast, simple installationThe compact, weather-proof RMU1-ER is designed to fit entirely inside a standard CP test station and can be installed in about 20 minutes
Established Electrical Resistance (ER) techniqueDirect measurement data through insulation near surface of pipe to identify key events causing corrosion vis metal loss, corrosion rate and trends
Multiple functionalityMeasure the ER probe potential when a reference cell is connected as the ER probe is typically electrically connected to the protected structure, the structure potential can be measured.
Intuitive controls and configurationsThe RMU1-ER can be easily programmed with our standard Programming Interface and a PC and can also be completed with a compatible iOS or Android-based mobile device and our available Bluetooth Interface
Global communication capabilitiesAvailable with cellular or satellite communication capability, the RMU1-ER can transmit data from virtually any location. This helps improve the quality and frequency of data collection, while reducing the need for workers to undertake long, potentially dangerous trips, to remote sites
Built to withstand the toughest conditionsLightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-40° to +60°C [-40° to +140°F])
Long-life batteryUser-replaceable standard AA battery provides up to 10 years of monitoring and data transmission and maximizes lightning isolation


Operating Temperature-40° to +60° C (-40° to +140° F)
Storage Temperature-45° to +80° C (-49° to +176° F)
Maximum Altitude5000 meters above sea level
Humidity0 to 100% RH non-condensing
Physical + Power
Weight225 grams (0.5 lbs)
Size80mm x 80mm x 110mm (3.15”x3.15”x4.33”)
Battery LifeL91 Lithium AA batteries — Typically 10 years based on readings every 7 days. Typically 5 years based on readings every 12 hours.

Documents & Software

N/AProduct BrochurePDF
MOBILTEX CorTalk RMU1-ER ManualRMU1-ER Manual v1.00PDF
CorTalk RMU1-ER Install Pack v1.0.0.16Download ZIP fileZIP
RMU1ER Config Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesPDF
RMU1ER Config Android AppDownload from Play StorePDF


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