Visualizing Strategic CP Automation

The MOBILTEX Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator provides a tool for you to capture all your current operating expenses required to execute both your regular Cathodic Protection Surveillance/Monitoring Program as well as your Regulatory Annual Survey activity and compare against a Strategic CP Automation program. The final output will provide an estimate of the potential annual OPEX savings as well as the time to breakeven on that initial investment.

We encourage you to run through the Calculator with multiple scenarios in mind. Naturally consider your most remote and difficult to access locations as well as your most critical monitoring locations, but also automating urban applications with subgrade monitoring, water crossings, HVPL and transit corridors, and any other areas along assets where stray currents or safety is a major concern. Potential future-states of your system can be explored as well as configuring a system that is automated to a level that makes the most sense for your current operations, beyond just regulatory requirements.

Upon submission, the ROI tool saves all your inputs and will supply you with a unique MOBILTEX ROI FILE ID which we can modify and refine in real-time for you. Please keep in mind that we also have an Advanced version of this tool that our technical team can quickly import your data into and work with you directly to better refine your final output.

Capture all costs within current manual program STEP 1 of 3

This worksheet will allow you capture all your Cathodic Protection Surveillance/Monitoring Program and your Regulatory Annual Survey costs at a very granular level with your own notes, including timing intervals throughout the course of the year. One-time costs are an option for equipment etc – but only use this option if it will not repeat in subsequent years. Add additional lines to account for your Annual Survey items separately if you would like to see them broken out in the final summary.

We encourage you to consider beyond just your external billable components and include the valuable internal time required from your team to coordinate these various services, manage and execute projects with external contractors, arrange support services and supplies, as well as refining all the raw data post-survey – which can be fully automated within a remote monitoring system with powerful analytics and captured throughout the year to reveal negative seasonal effects and damaging stray current events.

Configure your CP automation system STEP 2 of 3

Consider the devices needed for your entire system to automate, their location, and what you anticipate the Cellular signal strength will be in each installation – select Satellite (or create a new line item for that subset of locations) if you have concerns about signal strength.

Please keep in mind your vision of the future-state with full CP automation or your current system with your immediate requirements.

Our list of Applications cover the wide range of unique CP remote monitoring devices within our portfolio – if you are working with a Rectifier Array we have two unique cost-effective solutions for large scale deployments : the RMU3-XL 44 channel measurement terminal block and the MUX3 Multiplexer which allows four RMU3 bases on a single antenna and expands capacity to 16 channels. Please contact us to help calculate your ROI with these solutions, they are not currently available with this tool and can deliver significant savings.

We will make some assumptions regarding the installation cost depending on your Location selection of “In Town” or “Out of Town” – we can work with you to modify these figures.

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Please review your remote monitoring configurations and Installation costs and make any necessary adjustments before submitting.

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