An Easy Upgrade for Remote Rectifier Interruption

In a matter of minutes field technicians can easily and permanently equip a cathodic protection rectifier with the advanced Mobiltex uGI1-S interrupter and upgrade the unit with remote monitoring and control for survey activities.

This small, high-performance device combines GPS location with two-way satellite communication to provide precise synchronization, timing accuracy and repeatability for rectifier interruption.

The addition of an optional Mobiltex Smart Relay cost-effectively expands the capabilities of the uGI1-S to include continuous monitoring of AC and/or DC load current, synchronization status, relay temperature and other important data that is logged by the interrupter.

Fully functional interruption featuresTwo-way satellite transceiver enables remote control via CorView portal for interruption parameters and operation
Near real-time interactionsRemote alarm reporting of fault conditions to enable rapid response
Accurate and complete reporting Precise timing and event data logging – includes geolocation, interruption activities, interruption faults (fault and load current logging available with optional smart relay)
Intuitive controls and configurationsThe uGI1-S can be easily programmed with our standard Programming Interface and a PC and can also be completed with a compatible iOS or Android-based mobile device and our available Bluetooth Interface.
Fast, simple installationCompact, weather-proof enclosure with magnetic mounting feet can be installed in minutes
Built to withstand the toughest conditionsLightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-22°C to +70°C [ -30°F to +158°F ])


Operating Temperature-20° to +70° C (-4° to +158° F)
Storage Temperature-40° to +85° C (-40° to +185° F)
Maximum Altitude5000 meters above sea level
Humidity0 to 100% RH non-condensing
Physical + Power
Weight172g (0.38 lbs)
Size83.5mm x 79.5mm x 45.0mm (3.3″ x 3.12″ x 1.77”)
PowerAttach SRL1 AC/DC or SRL2 DC Smart Relay or External Relay Interface cable : 10W watts max — 8-52VDC or 6-36VAC operating voltage range

Documents & software

MOBILTEX CorTalk uGI1-B & uGI1-SProduct BrochurePDF
MOBILTEX CorTalk uGI1 ManualCorTalk uGI1 Manual v1.03PDF
uGI1 Install Pack v1.0.0.7Configuration Application, Firmware and Drivers v1.0.9.0AZIP
uGI1 Config Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
uGI1 Config Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink
CorTalk Full Install Pack v1.0.0.25Download ZIP fileZIP
LTE Swap Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
LTE Swap Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink
CorView Apple iOS AppDownload from iTunesLink
CorView Android AppDownload from Play StoreLink

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the uGI1-B (Basic) and uGI1-S (Advanced)?

uGI1-B (Basic)
This is the GPS synchronized portable interrupter that can be configured locally with a Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

uGI1-S (Advanced)
This is the remote GPS synchronized portable interrupter equipped with two-way Iridium satellite communication. The uGI1-S can either be configured locally or sent commands with interruption parameters remotely via CorView.

How do I select the interruption profile I want on the uGI1?

Press the PROFILE “SEL” button next to the LCD on the underside of the uGI1.

How do I power the uGI1?

Attach the SRL1 AC/DC Smart Relay, SRL2 DC Smart Relay or the External Relay Interface cable to the uGI1, and connect the two yellow wires to a suitable voltage source. The acceptable input voltage range is 8VDC to 52VDC or 6VAC to 36VAC.



TitleImageDescriptionSKU (s)
3 Meter (10’) Relay Extension Cable3 Meter (10’) Relay Extension CableMobiltex P/N W16400UGI02
8 Meter (26’) Relay Extension CableDo not use with mercury relaysMobiltex P/N W16400UGI03
uGI1 to 5/6 pin SPI1 Relay Adapter CableIncludes Adapter Cable P/N W16400UGI05 and Power Injector Cable P/N W16400UGI06.Mobiltex P/N A20A03UGI04
SRL1 AC/DC Smart RelaySRL1 AC/DC Smart RelayMobiltex P/N A1506031501
Medium HeatsinkIncreases SRL1 capacity to 50AMobiltex P/N X03912B150A
SRL2 DC Smart Relay Kit100VDC/100ADC Max.

Includes SRL2 Relay P/N A1506033801, Control Cable P/N W16400SRL20, Power Cable P/N W16400SRL21 and 2 Yellow Clips P/N H27400112YL.

Mobiltex P/N A20A0333801
SRL2 DC Smart Relay100VDC/100ADC Max.Mobiltex P/N A1506033801
High Current Jumper Cable Kit for SRL2Includes 600mm (24”) Red Superflex 6AWG ¼” to 3/8” Lug Cable (A02100SRL04) and 600mm (24”) Black Superflex 6AWG ¼” to 3/8” Lug Cable (A02100SRL03)Mobiltex P/N A20103SRL20
Class II 20VA 12VAC TransformerFor 120/230VAC Primary (Custom Lightning Immune Design)Mobiltex P/N T01A42TR201
12VA 12VAC Wall Plug-in TransformerFor 120VACMobiltex P/N P10309A121A
Class II 20VA 12VAC TransformerFor 120/240/277/480VAC PrimaryMobiltex P/N T01A422512C
Solid State AC Relay – 24-280 VAC RMS 50 Amps max0-8A = No Heatsink
8-50A = Needs HE-54
Mobiltex P/N K0513245010
Solid State AC Relay – 24-280 VAC RMS 110 Amps max0-8A = No Heatsink
8-60A = HE-54
60-110A = HE-90
Mobiltex P/N K0513211010
Solid State AC Relay – 48-530 VAC RMS 50 Amps max0-8A = No Heatsink
8-50A = Needs HE-54
Mobiltex P/N K0513285010
Solid State AC Relay – 3 phase, 48-530 VAC RMS 50 Amps max0-4A = No Heatsink
4-30A = HE-90 & special holes
Mobiltex P/N K05232R5016
Small Heatsink (HF92B-80)Max 15 Amps with any of the above Solid State AC RelaysMobiltex P/N X0301292B80
Medium Heatsink (HE-54)For Solid State RelayMobiltex P/N X03912P5400
Large Heatsink (HE-90)For Solid State RelayMobiltex P/N X030320HE90
Mercury Relay – 240 VAC @ 100 A48 VDC @ 100 A, 125 VDC @ 50 AMobiltex P/N K07111NC12D
Mercury Relay – 480 VAC @ 60 A48 VDC @ 60 A, 125 VDC @ 40 AMobiltex P/N K07111060NC
TitleImageDescriptionSKU (s)
uGI1 External Relay Interface CableExternal Relay Interface CableMobiltex P/N W16400UGI07
SRL2 Control CableSRL2 Control CableMobiltex P/N W16400SRL20
TitleImageDescriptionSKU (s)
SRL2 Power CableSRL2 Power CableMobiltex P/N W16400SRL21
Yellow Clip For SRL2 Power Cable2 required per cableMobiltex P/N H27400112YL
Brass Cylinder Padlock30*30.5*13.5mm Brass Cylinder Padlock With 2 KeysMobiltex P/N H00000LOCK1
Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view Cathodic Protection Monitoring Pipeline scene graphic illustrated in an isometric view


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