Remote Monitoring, EVOLVED.
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MOBILTEX has combined our proven long-range RMU wireless field devices with our industry-leading software platform capabilities, transforming even the extreme edges of your asset network into a fully connected, fully optimized pipeline corrosion and integrity management system. We’ve engineered our entire platform with the fastest time-to-value for our customers with turn key solutions that allow customers to deploy, integrate and get running fast with minimal configuration or operational work.


Securely connect to any device via cellular or satellite, manage, monitor, control, and validate incoming raw data


Powerful visualization and analysis tools help you put complex data to work optimizing your system remotely


Keep disparate teams coordinated with granular access controls and alarms, custom reporting capabilities, and integrations

One Intelligent Platform. Future-proof Technology. Ultimate Protection.

CorView delivers secure communication capabilities, data storage and reporting for the entire range of MOBILTEX CorTalk remote monitoring devices with two-way comms available for many configurations. This unique software solution helps dramatically improve the management and efficiency of your Cathodic Protection & Pipeline Integrity monitoring program with specialized capabilities and powerful operational benefits that can immediately impact your bottom line.

Data Acquisition and Control 1

The CorView Platform is the connected backbone to our field devices, with industrial-grade communication networks, security, and data management. We have engineered every aspect of our platform to the highest standards and have been certified-for-use by some of the most rigorous SCRM programs in multiple industries.

  • Hosted solution available for any web-enabled device
  • Native iOS and Android app also available
  • Intuitive Interface thoughtfully engineered for ease-of-use
  • Group assets by location/technician to better coordinate field activities
  • Two-way communications with most RMU devices
  • Precise GPS synchronized interruption, timing accuracy & repeatability
  • Remotely update device configurations & software
  • Three years of measurement data automatically archived
  • Powerful encryption and platform access controls
  • Global network via cellular or satellite connections
  • MOBILTEX hosted & supported – constant upgrades, no IT req’d
  • Secure servers with full redundancy and failover
  • Client FTP server integration for automatic data back-up
  • High-Availability via Amazon Web Services (AWS) [2021]

Visualization and Analysis 2

CorView collects, normalizes, analyzes and integrates in near real-time field data from almost the entire RMU range of devices to provide a complete corrosion and pipeline integrity data profile across your entire organization within one powerful solution.


  • Display and trend graphing of corrosion rate (MPY)
  • Configurable smoothing of corrosion rate calculation
  • Graphically displays Site Locations using precise GPS location

Next generation UX/UI

  • Google Maps® engine delivers geographical accuracy
  • New split-screen UI provides more intuitive Maps & Readings [2021]
  • Advanced functions for data visualization & prioritization [2021]

Actioned IIoT Data

  • Open API integrates data-sets with wide range of systems [2021]
  • Powerful Machine-learning and AI data analysis [2021]
  • Trending and Predictive Logic capabilities [2021]

Reporting, Alarms, and Collaboration 3

Field technicians and engineering teams can leverage a suite of powerful tools to optimize operations and overall system performance. Immediately feed valuable and ready-to-use CP and PI data to any cloud or enterprise application via *Open API to achieve compliance or a more complete operational picture.

Multiple client user accounts with configurable permission levels

Open API integrates data-sets with wide range of systems [2021]

Data can be exported in CSV and Excel (via XML) formats

Simple data download exports for 3rd party compliance software

Alarms programmed to specified performance measurements

Alert thresholds for scheduled communications deviations

Proactive low battery warning and alerts

Color coded display of alarms and site status

Configurable email call list for alarm conditions

Near real-time status updates technicians of interruption activities

Automate system performance email reports to team members

Leveraging complex field data ensures smarter decisions. Time for next steps >>

Working with MOBILTEX is fast and easy, we can help your project team with a complete evaluation, implementation cost analysis, and application review. Contact us to start your remote monitoring journey today.


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