CorView.Cloud FAQ

Welcome to CorView.Cloud!

We are excited to launch our new CorView platform along with its updated interface and enhanced features and functionality. There are many updates to CorView.Cloud over our previous Legacy version. We would like to point out some of the caveats between the two platforms (Legacy and Cloud) and mention some of the new features to ensure everyone’s transition is as smooth as possible.

Limitations between CorView.Cloud and our legacy platform:

  • Interruption Groups: Interruption groups are not synchronized between the two platforms. For clients needing to create interruption groups, please create new interruption groups on both CorView.Cloud and our Legacy platform ( This may change in the future. To assign a Site to an Interruption Group in CorView.Cloud, edit the site and add/remove the appropriate interruption groups.
New features on the CorView.Cloud platform include:
  • Modern, more intuitive user interface
  • User customizable column display
  • Text search on filter dropdowns
  • Text search on most pages (top right)
  • Filters are synchronized between the Map, Readings and Site Status pages
  • Groups have been consolidated into Standard and Interruption
  • Regions have been renamed to Companies
Stay tuned as we have much more to come with continuous releases of new features! As always, we at Mobiltex appreciate hearing from our clients. Your feedback and suggestions truly help drive development and make our platform and products better. If there is anything you would like to share with us on how we can improve CorView.Cloud please feel free to contact us at service1 [at ] mobiltex [dot] com.

Q: What is CorView.Cloud?

CorView.Cloud is the next generation version of CorViewredesigned and modernized to enhance your experience engaging with data collected by your CorTalk devices, and the devices themselves.  

Some of the improvements include:  

  • Web-based platform built on a leading commercial cloud service provider 
  • Enhanced features and functionality across the board, with more to come in subsequent releases 
  • New Application Program Interfaces (APIs) will be introduced to enhance data export capabilities 
  • Enhanced data visualization and navigation across pages 
  • Web version to be mobile and tablet friendly and remains compatible with CorView app 
  • Foundation to develop new features incorporating data analytics 

Q: I’m concerned that the migration will affect how I export data from CorView for import into PCS

  • We are gathering data to ensure that all processes that you currently use will work seamlessly with the new platform.  
  • Please fill out the survey here 

Q: Does my organization need to do anything to prepare for the migration?

  • No need to back-up or transfer your data – all historical measurement data for all monitored sites will seamlessly propagate to the new platform. 

Q: What are the major changes in CorView.Cloud vs. the existing platform that we should be aware of?

Hierarchy and permissions: 

  • For the initial release the hierarchy will match the current state of CorView, meaning that Regions and Groups will be maintained in the new system as is. However, Regions are now referred to as Companies.
  • CorView.Cloud will provide more flexibility in how permissions are established for each user. Dedicated Admin users will be able to adjust permissions across all users within their jurisdiction. 

Flexible column headings: 

  • CorView.Cloud will determine visible columns based on current query parameters and data retrieved from the server. 

Application Program Interfaces (APIs): 

  • APIs will greatly improve the process of exporting data from CorView. More information will be updated here so please check-back closer to the launch date.  

More consistent and powerful filtering: 

  • The new platform will provide a more practical filtering bar, enabling improved experience in zoning in on key metrics. Furthermore, the filter bar will be consistent across multiple page views on CorView, improving the ability to navigate across sites, maps, and readings.  

Q: Will the migration affect my current CorTalk RMU installation program?

  • There will be no impact to the installation process or anything related to the RMU configuration apps – all remain the same.  
  • CorView.Cloud will have a very similar representation of RMUs, Sites, and Groups. See the Hierarchy & Permissions section to know what is going to change.  

Q: What will the command features look like (e.g. Schedule Rectifier Interrupt)? Will I need re-train my entire team?

  • Our intention was to enhance the existing platform while not deviating from things that work. Therefore, the command process will feel very similar to the current platform.  

Q: What new features can we expect in CorView.Cloud?

  • The initial launch of CorView.Cloud will provide very similar features and functionality to the existing platform, but in a redesigned and modern interface.  
  • In subsequent versions we will be introducing new features that have been informed by many conversations with our customer base.  
  • If you have additional feedback that you’d like to share please do reach out. 

Q: Do I have to pay extra for the new CorView?

  • Not for access to the CorView.Cloud platform. In the future, use of APIs will be monitored to ensure that usage is compatible with expectations, and some APIs tiers may require additional payment.  

Q: Will I still get my readings emailed to me periodically?

  • Yes. User settings in the existing platform will migrate to the new platform. 

Q: Will I still get my alarms emailed to me periodically?

  • Yes. User settings in the existing platform will migrate to the new platform. 

Q: Do I access CorView.Cloud via the same web address?


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