Whitepaper / Water Utilities Cathodic Protection

Pumps, piping, and electronic control systems within buried prefabricated steel pump stations are key components of every municipality water infrastructure system and represent significant investments for these operations.

Effective corrosion mitigation is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of these assets, as well preventing moisture ingress and ensuring optimal chamber environmental conditions. Advanced cathodic protection technologies and monitoring solutions have historically been viewed as cost prohibitive for municipal water applications, this is no longer the case.

Download our latest whitepaper release “Remote Monitoring of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection on Water Utility Buried Steel Pump Stations a Smart Investment by Municipalities” to learn more about the pronounced difference in service lifetimes between basic and advanced corrosion protection systems on municipal and utility infrastructure, and how these industries can easily realize significant operational, safety, and cost-saving benefits from adopting these technologies.


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