Tough remote monitoring and control you can depend on for your entire Cathodic Protection system

Wherever your pipelines run, or whatever extreme environmental conditions they face, Mobiltex CorTalk remote cathodic monitoring and control products provide operators with instant access to cathodic protection (CP) system status and performance data from virtually any location. Now technicians can spend less time traveling to remote sites to perform manual inspections or measurements and more time proactively managing and maintaining the CP system.

Capable of one- or two-way communication, by satellite or cellular networks, CorTalk cloud-based devices transmit frequent, accurate performance data from cathodic protection or AC mitigation systems and enable remote interruption. This regular data collection not only alerts technicians to serious problems or failures, but can also identify short-lived events that may not be detected by infrequent, manual measurements such as power load transfers or faults. 

All data that is transmitted from the RMU devices is stored in a secure Mobiltex database and can be accessed from any location with the CorView web-based software. Using CorView, technicians can easily view and download CP measurement data, create graphs and generate reports. The software can also be used to send control signals to the devices for interruption activities or to update operating parameters. An easy-to-read map view provides an intuitive display of system status and helps technicians quickly see where systems are operating normally, performing interruption, or experiencing an alarm condition.

RMU Family

A full line of reliable, long-life Mobiltex devices for remote monitoring and interruption of rectifiers, test stations, coupons, bonds and ER probes

Quickly and affordably establish a permanent cloud-based network of remote monitoring and control for your cathodic protection system with Mobiltex CorTalk Remote Monitoring Units (RMU). CorTalk RMUs are renowned for their small size, durability and ease of installation—each unit can be fitted and activated within existing field enclosures in less than an hour. These robust systems are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and provide years of maintenance-free service. 

Once operating, CorTalk RMUs reliably transmit real-time, critical system performance data at predetermined intervals and alert technicians to failures or potential problems. This provides immediate operational savings since technicians can reduce the need to travel long distances to manually collect performance data from remotely located CP rectifiers and test stations. 

An advanced RMU unit also provides two-way communication and interruption capability, helping close interval surveys to occur more efficiently and reducing the chance of error in data collection.  

The advantages of the Mobiltex CorTalk RMU family

  • Compact, weatherproof devices are designed to be quickly and easily installed in existing rectifier cabinets or test stations 
  • Available with satellite or cellular communications for maximum service coverage 
  • Superior lightning and surge protection 
  • Highly accurate and reliable data collection and GPS-synchronized interruption  
  • Fast, simple configuration via PC, iOS or Android app


cortalk RMU1 and INT1 - for test stations and coupons

CorTalk RMU1 + INT1

Remote test station monitoring with GPS synchronized interruption

A true hidden talent. Designed to fit entirely under a standard CP test station, the RMU1 is a small, powerful tool for remote monitoring of CP single or double coupons and structure bond applications. Multiple analog measurement channels provide accurate results for all required AC and DC parameters. An easy to replace battery provides up to 10 years of reliable operation and data transmission and helps maximize lightning isolation.

Easily add GPS-synchronized interruption

RMU1 Generation 4 adds two-way communication enabling it to receive commands and to control the new INT1 accessory device for GPS-synchronized interruption. Technicians can use any web enabled device to configure the interruption process, view CP performance data and generate reports.

The INT1 interrupter can be added at any time and is quickly connected to the RMU1 with a single cable. INT1 automatically pairs with the RMU1 and can remain permanently installed, eliminating the need for technicians to install portable interrupters or to physically break bonds between pipelines and structures to take off-potential readings.

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Remote test station monitoring of pipe-to-soil potential engineered for large-scale deployments


MOBILTEX introduces the CorTalk RMU1 LITE — a robust and purposefully-engineered device that enables pipeline operators to effectively automate the collection pipe-to-soil potential measurement data from Cathodic Protection (CP) test stations in extreme or difficult-to-access locations. It’s now possible to realize the operational, functional, and safety benefits of large-deployment remote CP data collection.

High volume deployments within operational budgets are now possible

The CorTalk RMU1 LITE offers user-selectable intervals, greatly enhancing the amount of pipe-to-soil data that is automatically collected as compared to manually obtained annual pipe-to-soil potential readings. Pipeline operators can take advantage of this capability to collect multiple measurements throughout the year, providing a richer data set to understand seasonal variations or short-term operating irregularities that can negatively impact CP system performance. This flexibility also provides a measure of future-proofing since the RMU1 LITE will be able to meet regulatory requirements for more frequent data collection that may come into force.

The RMU1 LITE also has a unique feature that adds to it’s autonomy and reliability, it can collect separate pipe-to-soil potential measurements from two connected reference cells. This allows technicians to use our CorView Platform to remotely compare the results and validate whether the reference cells are functioning properly. During an interruption event, the device can also capture an instant-off potential measurement, meeting the data requirements for annual level of protection surveys and further reinforcing the operational insights provided by more granular measurements.

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cortalk RMU1ER - electrical resistance corrosion probes

Cortalk RMU1ER

Remote test station monitoring of electrical resistance corrosion probes

Within minutes technicians can add automated, remote monitoring to virtually any type of electrical resistance probe and eliminate the need to perform manual measurements. This compact, battery-operated device is small enough to fit inside a standard CP test station and provides accurate measurements of metal loss along with AC and DC potential of the ER probe.

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CorTalk RMU1/3 + TS1

Pipeline Integrity Temperature Sensor Package for Remote Monitoring at Test Stations & Rectifiers


MOBILTEX introduces the CorTalk RMU1/3 + TS1 — a complete RTD Sensor/Transmitter Package with remote or line power configurations that allow operators to easily add up to 3 sensors to existing RMU3 installations!

Robust, reliable, and cost-effective temperature monitoring of pipeline assets is now available from MOBILTEX, engineered for performance in even the most extreme and remote locations.

The MOBILTEX TS1 configurations enable field technicians to select from battery or line-power to permanently install remote, GPS-enabled temperature sensing capabilities that are compatible with our CorTalk RMU1 or RMU3 platforms. Measurement data is accessible 24/7 within our CorView Platform cloud-based interface to enhance pipeline integrity data collection and help ensure the fitness of the pipeline in locations that have historically been cost-prohibitive to monitor.

Accurate temperature monitoring on multi-product lines requires wide temperature ranges, depending on the product and the season. The TS1 RTD transmitter connects to any standard Pt100 resistance sensor, is fully configurable, and provides high stability over an extremely wide range making it ideal for any field application.

The MOBILTEX TS1 enables pipeline engineers to easily and cost effectively monitor for extreme temperature fluctuation to identify risks of accelerated pipe coating deterioration and identify potential geohazard events where soil and moisture conditions shifts have occurred affecting normal temperature, which may have also damaged the pipeline. The TS1 also will allow users to monitor for pipeline temperature variances to enable more accurate calculation of volumetric flow for leak detection system calibration.

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remote monitors for rectifiers - cortalk RMU2

CorTalk RMU2

Remote monitoring for rectifiers, test points and bonds

Gain deep insight into the performance of your CP system with the continuous remote monitoring capabilities of the RMU2. This small, two-piece device can be easily installed into a rectifier cabinet and features a full range of configurable functions to collect critical measurement data. The information can be transmitted via satellite or cellular network as frequently as every few hours to provide a highly detailed view of the CP system and identify short-lived events that may impact CP performance.

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cortalk RMU3-B -remote monitoring and interruption for rectifiers

CorTalk RMU3

Remote monitoring and interruption for rectifiers

Building on the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of the RMU2, the RMU3 adds two-way communication for accurate, remotely controlled configuration and GPS-synchronized interruption of rectifiers. When combined with Mobiltex CorView web interface, pipeline operators can use a network of RMU3 devices to instantly evaluate overall CP performance, identify areas of concern and remotely manage interruption activities.

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cortalk advance ug1 micro gps interrupter

CorTalk uGI1-S

An easy upgrade for remote rectifier interruption

In a matter of minutes field technicians can easily and permanently equip a cathodic protection rectifier with the advanced Mobiltex uGI1-S interrupter and upgrade the unit with remote monitoring and control for survey activities.

This small, high-performance device combines GPS location with two-way satellite communication to provide precise synchronization, timing accuracy and repeatability for rectifier interruption.

The addition of an optional Mobiltex Smart Relay cost-effectively expands the capabilities of the uGI1-S to include continuous monitoring of AC and/or DC load current, synchronization status, relay temperature and other important data that is logged by the interrupter.

Advantages of CorTalk uGI1-S

  • Two-way satellite transceiver enables remote control via CorView portal for interruption parameters and operation
  • Remote alarm reporting of fault conditions to enable rapid response
  • Precise timing and event data logging – includes geolocation, interruption activities, interruption faults (fault and load current logging available with optional smart relay)
  • User configurable interruption profiles can be set via Bluetooth connection with Apple or Android app
  • Compact, weather-proof enclosure with magnetic mounting feet can be installed in minutes
  • Lightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range (-30°F to +158°F (-22°C to +70°C))

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CorView Platform

Powerful Cloud-based Remote Monitoring CP & PI System Control

CorView delivers powerful, secure two-way communication capabilities, data storage and reporting for the entire range of MOBILTEX CorTalk remote monitoring devices. This unique software solution helps dramatically improve the management and efficiency of your Cathodic Protection & Pipeline Integrity monitoring program with capabilities and operational benefits.

CorView Features:

  • Display and graphing of corrosion rate (MPY)
  • Configurable smoothing of corrosion rate calculation
  • Firewall-friendly Internet web browser access
  • Password protected user access
  • Multiple client user accounts with configurable permission levels
  • Provides basic graphing functions for data visualization
  • Graphically displays site locations using Google Maps®
  • Sites can be grouped (i.e. regions, etc)
  • Powerful data and site sorting functions
  • Data can be exported in CSV and Excel (via XML) formats
  • CorView archives 3 years of measurement data
  • Color coded display of alarms and site status
  • Configurable email call list for alarm conditions
  • Low battery warning and alerting
  • Alerting for missed communications from sites
  • System performance email reports
  • Optional data export to 3rd party compliance software