Is Your Remote Monitoring System Ready for the End of ISAT M2M?

For decades, remote monitoring technology has made it easier for pipeline operators to monitor cathodic protection systems in pipelines that service remote or difficult-to-access locations. Due to limited cellular reception in some of these locations, operators and technicians rely on satellite communications to transmit data to a central hub.

As of December 31, 2020, the widely used ISAT M2M platform will go dark, making way for improved technologies and services, such as Iridium. For industries that rely on ISAT M2M to transmit data from first-generation remote monitoring equipment, this presents a challenge. Depending on your circumstances, this transition may render your equipment obsolete or require costly retrofits.

Make the switch to Mobiltex

Mobiltex has always worked closely with clients and industry partners to develop solutions that tightly align with business process requirements and raise the bar for asset management, employee safety, and operating efficiency. Future-proofing our technology is part of our commitment to our customers.

With more than 10,000 Remote Monitoring Units communicating every day over the Iridium network, Mobiltex equipment has proven reliable for remote locations across North America.

“At Mobiltex, our design philosophy separates the data acquisition and communication modules within our hardware,” says Marc Bracken, Mobiltex CEO. “This makes it very easy for us to upgrade our customers to the latest communications technology.”

Not only is the technology easy to install, it is backed by superior customer service. “We aim to make this transition seamless for our customers,” says Bracken. “We want to ensure they feel prepared for this change, and confident that their networks will remain reliable.”

Making the switch

Cathodic protection is critical for the health and safety of any pipeline network. Real-time data collection is crucial for making decisions about pipeline safety – especially in remote locations – and Mobiltex takes these communications seriously.

Recognizing that an effective, reliable remote monitoring system is the only path forward, several major pipeline operators have recently made the switch to Mobiltex.

“Through our reliable equipment, our remarkable customer service, and our commitment to ensuring a future-ready technology, we are helping new customers adjust and prepare,” says Bracken. “With the right partner, embracing change doesn’t have to be scary.”

Concerned about making the transition to a new satellite technology? Contact Mobiltex to learn more about our ISAT sunset program.