Corrosion specialists everywhere rely on Mobiltex for innovative solutions and superior customer support to maintain asset integrity. Mobiltex has been leading the way in remote cathodic monitoring and data analysis through thousands of miles of pipelines in North America. Today, tens of thousands of Mobiltex devices are used by over 200 major companies and our install base continues to grow. Discover why corrosion professionals are switching to Mobiltex solutions each and everyday.

Key Features Mobiltex Competitors
Compact Design Smallest unit on the market, fits inside a standard test station head. Most require external mounting with a separate conduit for wiring.
Long Battery Life Best in class. Up to 10 years of autonomous operation. Uses common, off-the-shelf lithium batteries. Vary between 3 to 10 years or may require an external power source.
Future Proof Communications Offering LTE, Iridium or Globalstar satellite via internal antenna. Many are still using high power, inefficient geosynchronous satellite transceivers.
Resilient Design Most resilient design in the market. Our units routinely survive lightning strikes. Lightning strikes are a common problem in the cathodic monitoring industry.
Flexibility Synchronous, remote bond/anode interruption feature is our latest evolution. Typically not expandable.
Customer Service
Just give us a call, you won’t be
Phone typically not answered by a live person, or there is a charge for support services.

         *Based on Mobiltex RMU1 and comparison of competing product offering.

At Mobiltex, we are always ready to listen, be it to general inquires or for a full and confidential consultation. We can help you to clearly define your task and provide some assistance to better manage the associated risks. We are ready to work with you and your technical staff to formulate a sound plan of action that is right for you and your company, today and in the future.

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