Powerful tools for short-term monitoring and survey activities

Reduce the time and increase the accuracy of manual, in-field survey and performance measurements of your cathodic protection system and coupons. Mobiltex corTalk data loggers and interrupters are designed for quick, easy installation into rectifiers and test stations to provide short-term monitoring and interruption capabilities.

Each device is fully configurable and highly accurate to ensure that current interruption and data collection occur precisely as needed. Several months of event data can be captured and stored by the units and can be easily downloaded by technicians for analysis.

cortalk basic ug1 micro gps interrupter front and back

CorTalk uGI1-B

Precisely synchronized rectifier interruption

Small, powerful and easily installed, the Mobiltex uGI1-B enables field technicians to quickly equip rectifiers with interruption capabilities during periodic surveys of cathodic protection systems.

These tough, compact devices are designed to provide precise timing, repeatability and control of rectifier interruption and utilize GPS signals to synchronize operation with all uGI1 units. Event data is recorded by the unit and stored until field technicians download it via USB connection.

The addition of an optional Mobiltex Smart Relay cost-effectively expands the capabilities of the uGI1-B to include continuous logging of load current and interruption faults.

Key features/benefits

  • Precise timing and event data logging – includes geolocation, interruption activities, interruption faults (fault and load current logging available with optional smart relay)
  • User configurable interruption profiles can be set with Apple or Android app
  • Easily download data and upgrade firmware via USB connection
  • Compact, weather-proof enclosure with magnetic mounting feet can be installed in minutes
  • Lightning, surge and overvoltage protection and broad operating temperature range
    (-30°F to +158°F (-22°C to +70°C))

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cortalk udl micro data logger

CorTalk uDL1 & uDL2

Data loggers that deliver

Periodic field surveys of cathodic protection systems can’t identify frequent, short-term events that can seriously impact pipeline integrity. Mobiltex data loggers can. These pocket-sized, highly accurate devices are designed to be quickly installed inside rectifiers and test stations to measure and record critical performance parameters from the CP system.

Each device offers a wide range of configurable settings that includes sample rate, current measurement ranges, time, geo-location and more. A tough enclosure, combined with durable components provides reliable operation in the harshest of operating conditions, while a long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures months of operation.

Key features/benefits

  • Compact units fit inside most standard CP test stations
  • Internal rechargeable batteries provide 4-6 months of continuous operation
  • LCD display for local voltage monitoring
  • Fast, simple device configuration, data retrieval and charging via USB
  • Lightning and surge protection with broad operating temperature range (-4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C))

Mobiltex CorTalk uDL1

Data logger with GPS receiver

It’s one of the industry’s smallest and toughest devices for collecting AC and DC measurements from cathodic protection systems. Designed to fit under standard CP test caps, this rechargeable device automatically begins operation when connected to a measurement cable and stores up to 1,00,000 readings.

Mobiltex CorTalk uDL2

Data logger for CP coupons

Tiny, yet highly capable, the corTalk uDL2 provides comprehensive data measurement and logging of coupon status in CP systems. The device provides reliable, accurate measurement of AC current density, coupon DC current, a range of potential measurements and more. The device’s rechargeable battery provides up to four months of service and up to 2,000,000 readings on a single charge.

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SPI1 Interrupter Data Logger

CorTalk SPI1-SDL

Portable GPS Interrupter with Internal Data Logger

Based on years of experience and feedback from the pipeline industry , Mobiltex designed the first corTalk GPS interrupter in 2006. The SPI1 is a powerful interruption controller for use with cathodic protection rectifiers. Precise timing accuracy and repeatability is attained with GPS and microprocessor technology. A small physical size and wide operating temperature make these devices ideally suited for installation with/within field rectifiers.

Key features/benefits

  • Internal 20 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 7
    days of operation
  • LCD display for local voltage monitoring
  • Fast, simple device configuration, data retrieval and charging via USB
  • -30° to +70°C (-22° to +158°F) operating temperature
    range allows use in extreme environments

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