Tony has been with Mobiltex for over 20 years and is currently the VP of Engineering. In that position, he is responsible for leading an experienced team of hardware and software development professionals that he hand picked. Using his experience and customer relationships, Tony is tasked with bringing future product vision to fruition in a timely manner and ensuring that existing product feature sets grow with the needs of the customers. Introducing up-to-date continuous improvement and lean agile processes into the engineering team development flow is one of his priority mandates.

Prior to this role, Tony started managing the Mobiltex engineering team in 2012. Since 1999, he has performed in IT infrastructure, systems architecture, hardware and embedded firmware design roles, including designing much of Mobiltex’s current hardware product lineup. In those roles, Tony was responsible for new product introductions to manufacturing and the test systems required to validate the builds of those products. During those years, he also brought in new documentation standards and engineering control best practices.

Before Mobiltex, Tony worked at Harris Wireless, in Calgary, where he was part of the digital signal processing group working on digital cellular base stations. There he was responsible for designing communications protocols for facsimile transmission over cellular systems. Prior to his employment at Harris, Tony worked for the digital radio division at Glenayre Electronics in Vancouver. Over the course of 5 years with Glenayre, he designed embedded hardware, firmware and DSP algorithms for pre-cellular mobile phone systems and last mile wireless POTS telephone. This position was a substantial learning experience in new product introduction and large scale electronics manufacturing processes.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering with Computer Option (1994) from the University of British Columbia.

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