Marc Bracken brings over 30 years of experience in the development and commercialization of advanced industrial solutions for asset management. Over the course of his career, Marc has successfully built several high growth companies including Echologics, which is a global leader in pipeline condition assessment and internet of things (IoT) monitoring solutions for water loss.

After being acquired by Mueller Water Products in 2010, Marc spent 8 years with Mueller Water Products as General Manager of Echologics and oversaw significant growth of the business. At Echologics he oversaw all aspects of the business including strategic direction, marketing, sales and Research and Development.

Prior to the Mueller transaction, Marc was a Partner with Aercoustics starting with the company in 1992. At Aercoustics he was involved in a variety of acoustics and vibration related activities relating to power generation, floor vibration, and in particular ground borne vibration. Marc completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and then went on to complete a Masters degree with a specialization in Acoustics and Vibration. Following graduation, he worked as an acoustics and vibration engineer for several companies before becoming a shareholder and partner at Aercoustics Engineering Limited.

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