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SPI1-P: Options & Accessories

Data Logger

The SDL1 data logger module captures voltage information either of during interruptions. AC and DC voltage levels can be read in a ±6Vpeak, ±20Vpeak, ±60Vpeak, or ±150Vpeak range. The information is stored on an integral microSD card, and can be retrieved through a connection with a Windows XP (or newer) PC.


SPI1 units connect to the rectifier through either a low voltage interruption port or an interruption relay. The relay’s power limits must be adequate for the particular rectifier that is being interrupted. For a complete list of interruption relays produced by Mobiltex, please see our relay page.


To best suit your needs, Mobiltex produces a number of cables for use with the SPI1 units. These include a variety of SPI1 to relay connection cables, a cloning cable for transferring schedules and parameters from one unit to another, an SPI serial cable for connection to the serial port on a PC, and an SPI USB cable for connection to a USB port on a PC. For more information, please contact us.

Three Way Splitter Box

Mobiltex produces a three way splitter box for use with SPI1 units. For more information, please contact us.