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RMU3: Options & Accessories

RMU3 units can be configured with one of three reporting plans: every 6 hours, daily, every 2 days, or weekly. Irrespective of the reporting plan chosen, the RMU3 takes readings every 6 hours and compares them to optional, field configured alarm limit values. Alarm conditions trigger an immediate report to notify personnel. Transmissions are sent via either LTE Cellular (RMU3-G option) or Iridium Satellite (RMU3-S option).

RMU3XL Large Capacity Remote Monitor & GPS Interrupter

The RMU3XL is a large capacity remote monitor with an integral GPS synchronized current interruption controller. The two piece device is equipped with 44 configurable analog measurement channels capable of accurately measuring a wide range of DC and AC signals.

MUX3 Channel Expansion Base Multiplexer

The MUX3 Base Multiplexer allows up to four RMU3-B bases to be connected to a single RMU3 antenna for an expanded channel count of up to 16 analog inputs. Each connected base appears as an RMU on corView. Each base can be field configured with the same measurement types as a standalone RMU3.

RMU3 Configuration Interface

RMU3 units may be reconfigured in the field using the RMU3 Configuration Interface.

Internal Measurement Recorder

RMU3 units can be factory equipped with an Internal Measurement Recorder that will locally store 8 years worth of reading data taken every 6 hours.

Custom Transformer

Mobiltex offers a custom Class 2 transformer for use with the RMU3 with a special 5,000V insulation system that makes it more lightning immune than most off-the-shelf Class 2 transformers.