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RMU2: Options & Accessories

RMU2 units can be programmed with one of four readings schedules: readings taken once per week and transmitted every 28 days, readings taken every two days and transmitted every eight days, readings taken every day and transmitted every four days, and readings taken every six hours and transmitted every day. Irrespective of the reporting plan chosen, the RMU2 takes readings every 6 hours and compares them to optional, field configured alarm limit values. Alarm conditions trigger an immediate report to notify personnel. Transmissions are sent via either LTE Cellular (RMU2-G option) or Satellite (RMU2-S option).

RMU2 Configuration Interface RMU2 Programmer

RMU2 units may be reconfigured in the field by means of the RMU2 Configuration Interface.

Line Coupling Device

RMU2 units may include an integral line voltage inductive coupling device for the safe and lightning immune detection of primary line voltage.

Door Switch / Tamper Sensor

RMU2 units may include a magnetic door switch / tamper sensor which will generate near immediate exception reports when the rectifier door is opened or closed.

Internal Measurement Recorder

RMU2 units can be factory equipped with an Internal Measurement Recorder that will locally permanently store 1 year or 8 years worth of reading data taken every 6 hours.