wireless data solutions

RMU2: Annotated Photos

The number in the yellow circle corresponds to the numbered explanation on the following list: annotated RMU2

  1. Small, weather-proof transmitter mounts externally with a view of the skybottom of satellite transmitter
  2. Durable wide temperature cable with molded miniature waterproof connectors connects the two devices together
  3. Battery powered design simplifies installation and provides greater lightning immunity
  4. Test switch and device status indicator
  5. Terminal block assembly mounts inside of the rectifier, test point, or bond
  6. Exceptional lightning immunity provides long-term reliabilitybottom of terminal block
  7. Four galvanically isolated analog input channels
  8. Integral mounting system directly mates with industry standard " NPT electrical fittings
  9. Magnetic door / tamper switch
  10. Non-contact AC line voltage presence sensor