wireless data solutions


corTalk® (Cathodic Monitoring)

The corTalk® product line is devoted to remote cathodic monitoring applications.  It includes devices for monitoring rectifiers, bonds, and test points, and for the synchronized interruption and data logging of rectifiers.

Vehicle Monitoring Systems

The Vehicle Monitoring Systems (VMS) automatically monitors field personnel as they work alone and/or around hazardous locations and ensures they maintain regular contact. It includes support for pocket pagers and, with some optional additions, allows for status monitoring and control of remote equipment.

Package Tracking

The primary focus of the Package Tracking product line is to provide wireless data communications between the customer’s vehicle fleet and the central computer database. In addition to providing communication solutions, Mobiltex has developed accessories, such as battery chargers, for the mobile devices used within the fleet.

Custom Design Services

Mobiltex products are modular and expandable in design to allow for customization to more effectively meet the specific requirements of each customer. Over 20 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of industrial system applications translates into a rapid concept to production timeframe. If you are interested in having Mobiltex tailor one of our existing products or to custom design a system to meet your requirements, please contact us.

FCC Documentation

The FCC Supplier's Declaration of Conformity forms for Mobiltex products can be downloaded from the FCC Documentation page.