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About Us

Mobiltex Data Ltd., formed in 1985 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada engages in the engineering, design and manufacture of high-quality industrial mobile data systems.

All product engineering, electronic design, software development and manufacturing is done in-house. Mobiltex has worked extensively with radio manufacturers, system integrators and third party vendors, as well as the end-user to ensure seamless integration and implementation of systems. Continual product support and ongoing development can be tailored to each system requirement to maintain system integrity and protect against product obsolescence.

Emphasis on long-term reliability, ease of use, and product longevity have assisted Mobiltex to develop a reputation for high quality products in many diverse industries. All products are built to withstand harsh environments and are pretested for guaranteed reliability.

Mobiltex entered the remote cathodic monitoring market in 1991 with our SMC2 interrupter RTU. Over the last 26 years Mobiltex has designed four product generations of remote monitoring equipment. Mobiltex

has a complete offering of field proven cathodic devices in our corTalk® product line.

Popular corTalk® devices include:

Mobiltex products are used worldwide in oil and gas, mining, transportation and communications industries.

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