wireless data solutions

Company History

Mobiltex was formed in 1985 to provide cost effective, product oriented solutions for companies with specialized wireless communication requirements. We recognized that many companies were developing strategies to improve productivity and competitiveness through more efficient voice and/or data communications to and from their mobile fleet. In many circumstances, the unique requirements of individual corporations were not being met by conventional, off-the-shelf products from major manufacturers. It is to this specialized business requirement that Mobiltex has focused its operation for the past twenty years.

Since our inception, we have developed and implemented wireless communications technologies in hardware and software design. Our innovative and forward-thinking design and engineering team has put its experience in the box. Mobiltex has worked extensively with radio manufacturers, system integrators, third party vendors, as well as end-users to ensure seamless system integration and implementation. Continual product support and ongoing development allows us to meet the most stringent or specialized system requirement, while maintaining system integrity and protecting against obsolescence.