Technology. Check.

Reliability. Double check.

Smart, helpful support team. Triple check that.

Cathodic Protection Monitoring Technician

At Mobiltex, technology is just the beginning. We’ve been leading the way in cathodic monitoring for corrosion detection in thousands of miles of pipelines throughout North America. That’s why corrosion specialists everywhere rely on us in a range of industries. With our innovative engineering, design and manufacturing, we've created dependable IoT technology that’s built for ease of use and maintaining asset integrity even beyond corrosion. Geohazards and seismic events are just the beginning of what our monitoring technology can capture. All this comes from thinking like people not machines. We’ve engineered and proven our technology in the harshest, most challenging of environments time and time again. Our ready and easily-reachable team can take you from initial set up through to ongoing support.

This is Mobiltex. We’re there.